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„Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes” -Günter Grass

Noaghi Tünde

Professional Freelance Translator

What is a translation?

Consulting the Oxford English Dictionary there is the following definition for the noun  “translation”:

“1.The process of translating words or text from one language into another, 1.1.A written or spoken rendering of the meaning of a word or text in another language.

Translating is a very complex procedure where a word from the source language cannot be precisely rendered in the target language due to semantical differences between the two languages and cultures.

This is the reason why a translation should be carried out by a real lingvist who has profound knowledge of the languages from/ into he/ she translates, is familiar with the various language connotations and even with the idiomatic phrases.

Behind a professional translation there are years of study, enhancement of the translation tecnique, trainings, a lot of practice and stay abroad.

Traducător Autorizat

Translation Stages

When a client assigns me a translation project there are some stages that I follow in order to carry it out, like:

  1. preparation of the materials ( dictionaries, glossaries etc.)
  2. a previous reading and extraction of the unknown terminology
  3. translation
  4. revision
  5. review+proofreading (  I consult other professionals from different fields like Lawyers, Notaries, Financial Consultants in order to render exactely the proper terminology)
  6. submission of the completed project as complied with the client within the due date

My languages

My language pairs are the following:






Why should you choose a Professional Freelance Translator?

  • first of all to save on the costs of  translation and to obtain a quality work at the same time
  • to create a trusthworthy relationship, a direct dialog with a professional who will understand immediately the demands of a client and to avoid unnecessary administrative procedures
  • promptness
  • availability even in the week-ends, festivities in case of an urgent translation
  • privacy

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